In Which My Inbox Holds A Surprise

If you’re a Facebook user, you might (or might not) have noticed that you messages get sorted into an Inbox folder, for people on your friends list, and an Other folder, for everyone else. This came as a complete surprise to me today, when I discovered that back in October, I had missed a very nice message from a fellow writer, who very kindly complimented one of my older articles* and shared a link to her own work on a similar topic.  The extra-cool part is that I remember reading her article on CNN several months ago and really enjoying it, so it was pretty awesome to get to chat with its author.

In addition to her piece for CNN, Zoe has also written a novel entitled Turn Our Eyes Away, which is now officially on my stuff-to-read-really-soon list.  It starts with a murder and a frantic 911 call (I’m hooked already) and, in the author’s words

Detective Pollizi and his colleagues in the Detroit Police Department try to piece together what happened on that snowy night in late December that left one young woman dead and another on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Using electronic journal entries, text messages, and social media posts, the detectives attempt to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death.

When Olivia moved back to her childhood home, she set in motion a series of events that ended up causing each woman to face her tortured past. Years ago, when both girls found themselves outcast and tormented in their suburban school, they became best friends until a tragic event ruined their friendship forever.

A decade later, in a story that illustrates the lasting effects of childhood bullying, they have dealt with their problems differently. Olivia has channeled all of her energy into proving herself to the world. While she obsesses over achieving perfection, Tiffany falls even further into a downward spiral. As the story builds, both women’s insecurities and demons will be exposed and their worlds will collide, ultimately culminating in tragedy for one of them.

I’m really intrigued by her storytelling method and looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.  If you’re also interested, it’s available on Amazon and iBooks, or directly from the publisher’s website.

*I wrote that article back in late 2011 or very early in 2012. was my very first writing gig as a freelancer, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to share some hopefully useful information and perspective with service members and their families.  A lot of my focus there was on education and career development for spouses and veterans, but I turned out the occasional opinion piece like that one.  It looks like they’re either re-posting the articles or bumping the dates, which I’m only pointing out because I’m a stickler for accuracy – I certainly don’t mind, and I hope they’re still useful!


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